Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Three(Finally)- Meet the Parents!

Julie Ann Dennett Jones
                             She's caring, loving, understanding, SO smart, and really easy to get along with.
My mom loves: Sunshine, photography, football, her family, her friends, Sephora, Sundance, Anthropologie, When her kids and grandkids come to visit, and gumballs.
I can talk to my mom about anything and everything. She knows the answer to any question you have. I miss her when she's gone. I love her sooooo much!
Randall Brad Jones
He's funny, loving, forgiving, friendly, awesome and a work-a-holic!
My Dad loves: Projects, Football, family, snowmobiling, fourwheeling, boating, helping grandma, cooking(Occasionally), and Potato chips!(His chip dip is fantastic)
He is always willing to run errands for my mom and I. He is always saying funny things that will make you laugh. He cooks the best steaks you will ever taste! I love my dad!

I love my parents soo much!

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