Sunday, September 4, 2011

Living the Teenage Dream

Well. Friday was my good friend Matt's birthday! Mckinli and I decked out his locker in Selena Gomez and Tacos! haha. He loved it. It was another Timp game on friday.. Let's just say I was in such a good mood:) Saturday was a Parrtaaayy. We went to the freshman game. Kaylee, Mckinli and I made signs! After, we ate del at Camryn's and we just hung out. Mckinli, Camryn, and I went to Timp and said Hi to a friend of ours.. especially Camryn. :) ahaha.

Next week is gonna be the best. Spirit week, the dance, My Birthday, Homecoming game, Night swimming, Scary movie all nighter at Hailey's, and Boating!

Young and Reckless. That's all I have to say.