Sunday, June 26, 2011

Youth Conference :]

Youth conference.. definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was sooo fun!! For one, I love being a teenager. :) and two, I have the best stake ever!
We went to a community center down by delta in the middle of no-where. It had ping pong and pool tables and racket ball, basketball, and tennis ball courts. It was a really fun place to hang out and socialize. The girls slept upstairs and the guys were in the gym.
I can't even express how much fun i had. So many new friendships and inside jokes. I loved it!:)

Monday, June 13, 2011


School is finally out! It was out a week and a half ago.. but.. you know. I just love Summer. :) 

Friends. Sleepovers. Swimming. Seven Peaks. Tans. Sunburns. Attractive Life Guards:). Late Nights. Night Games. Chalk. Walking Everywhere. Beach Cruisers. Girls Camp. Youth Conference. Torrey!. Lagoon. Camping. Carnivals. Fireworks. Snow Cones. Sleeping In. The Mall. Vacations. Sunscreen. Shorts. Sandals. Hangin out. Partying. Sunglasses. Trafalga. Parks. Sand. 

I absolutely love the summer time. I've already had a blast! Sleepover at Sara's, Seven peaks, hanging out with my favorite people:), Swimming with Mckinli, got sunburnt, Summer fest two days in a row, and Now i'm packing for girls camp!