Monday, August 1, 2011

My Weekend? Nah.. It was a party.

So Mckinli was in Park City this whole week and she invited me to come up on friday to go shopping. I rode up there early in the morning with her Mom, Sister, Brek and Cassidy. In heber, we stopped at a mcdonalds for a bathroom stop. We were there for about two minutes before Brek, Cassidy and I went and checked out the play zone. We were having too much fun that Cierra and Jill couldn't find us. haha. Then we got to the outlets at about 11 and shopped until 4 or 5. So much fun! We went back to their hotel and Mckinli and I walked around. After a while, we went to Main St. To go get some dinner. After, we walked around, checked out the shops, and some haunted places. Then, Cassidy and I rode back down to orem with Shayli and Kenyon. It was a fun day:) 

Haunted School house

Saturday was my dear friend Lindsay's Birthday. Valentina, Camryn, Jamie, Alisa and I kidnapped her and took her to Golden Corral. We had an awesome waitress. She was so funny! She told us stories and we caught her juggling in the kitchen. We had a good laugh. Later, I went with Lindsay to Sister Grow's to get lindsay's hair curled. Let's be honest.. she looked like a babe. Then Lindsay, Camryn, Katie and I went to the mall. After, Valentina came over and we ate dinner at her house. We hung out then had a sleepover at Kin and Aaron's. We beat eachother up for a while then watched A Walk to Remember. We slept until Noon on sunday. Then we went to Church and Camryn, Valentina, and I finger danced the whole time. hahaha. Then after church, I came home and hung out with Shannon and Git and played with Mannix. We set up his really cool Play house and had a blast. He's such a cutie. 

I needed all of the blankets. :)

So busy playing! 

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