Saturday, July 23, 2011

THE 7/23. Mckinli's Birthday. :]

SOOO I have this best friend named.. Mckinli! It's her birthday today! 
I absolutely love this girl to pieces. She's pretty much my best friend. This picture right there^ was taken in Las Vegas when my family went, and she tagged along:) Here are some of her Loves.. besides me, of course.
She loves Photography

took this beauty herself:)

She LOVES Rob Dyrdek and Justin Bieber!
She wants to marry them someday. We watch fantasy factory allll the time! 

She loves Jimmer / BYU!

She likes to stay up until 4 a.m with her sister Cierra
She loves friends:)

Us in our favorite place, doing our favorite thing:)

Brek! (My best friend!!) haha:P
I loves this girl sooooooo much! 

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