Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 9- What made me laugh today.

Hahaha well i have a friend. A best friend. Her name is Valentina. She happens to be one of the funniest kids i know. "DO YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST KIDS I KNOW? ....MY MOM!" Yeah. Aanywhoo. She posted a comment on a wall post that i had that made my day. It went something like this.
Mckinli: Hi bestie!
Matt: Oh so now Leesa is your best friend? make up your mind woman!
Mckinli: im sorry matteo!!! you are my real one i just have to make leesa think that so her feelings dont get hurt!
Valentina: woah, matt! your best friend is cheating on you with your girlfriend! HAHA.
Yeah, it made my day. hahaha. This morning, we were planning her wedding. Her and Anthony are going to sing Mo money Mo problems. Us bridesmaids and best men are gonna be the back ground dancers. We'll have those snap on sweats, hats and bling. And anthony will break dance up the aisle. hahaha it'll be great. We were laughing hysterically. Im still laughing. I love my friends!

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