Sunday, May 22, 2011

My weekend!

It all started on friday after school. Mckinli walked home with me, then her mom came and took us to get feathers. Then we went to mckinli's house and she packed for our sleepover! then we came to my house and ate some soup and watched the regular show. :)
My mom then took us over to Hailey's house! Hailey put our feathers in our hair for us. she's just that amazing! We changed into shorts and tank tops and then Kaylee and Sara came over. Sara and I went exploring. Hailey's house is big, and we hadn't been through it all yet. Then, we went down stairs and partied a while. We ate some Pizza then Mckinli and hailey and i went and danced around in the dance studio while Sara and Kaylee went home to get their stuff.


When they came back, we watched Paranormal activity. We took a break after the movie to do whatever and we all went up stairs. We all got a drink and kaylee, Sara and i got these amazing fruit sorbet things. Then we went down stairs while Hailey and Mckinli went around the house locking doors and windows.
 We decided to scare them. They came down the stairs and we hid behind the fire place, then they went back up the stairs so we went to the other stairs to scare them. Sara went and hid in the theatre room and me and kaylee stood by the stairs. They came down running and we scared them. it was Hilarious! then they calmed down and walked into the theatre and sara scared them again. ooh too good.
 We then watched The Grudge. Where through most of the movie, I hid behind my pinapple sorbet. ahaha. after that, we started to watch When a Stranger calls. It got boring, so we changed it. We then watched The messengers.
Me and Mckinli were finally getting hyper by that time, then we crashed. I slept through that movie, and part of One Missed Call. Then i woke up at like, 7 and watched Full House. and Spongebob. We all woke up at about ten, and finished One Missed Call. Then we ate some Raisen Bran. Raisen Bran rocks! and watched about 15 minutes of Grudge 2. Haha it was the best sleepover of my life!!
Then on Saturday, I went home and showered, curled my hair, then sat around. Camryn finally came to my rescue from boredom. Mckinli also came over. Then Kaylee picked us up. We went to Kaylee's house and Matt came over. We were bored, so we went to Oak Canyon. :) then Matt had to go to and so he left and we went back to Kaylee's house. We just hung out for a bit, sat in the hammocks, then her mom took us to juice press. We walked home. Then Kaylee's mom dropped us off. Mckinli came back to my house and we watched glee! Perfect summers day.


This weekend was seriously a party. I loved every minute of it!

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  1. I think at our next family party, we should all wear stripes. I have a really cute blue and white striped shirt from the loft and so do you. When your mom was 5 and I was 8, "surfer" shirts were in style. She had a red one and I had a blue one. We were super stylin, and had skateboards, too. It was the summer our dad started building our house in Orem. Our mom made sure we were the cutest things in town :) They kind of looked like this: