Sunday, July 17, 2011

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”

That my friends, is a lovely quote from Bob Marley:) Not even words can describe how much I love Summer. This week has been a perfect example of my wonderful summer:)
Monday, Mckinli and I longboarded to Sage's house. Her family had a barbeque and then we long boarded around her neighborhood. Later, we went and got a redbox movie at about 1 in the morning:) got del taco, candy, and Icee's. We watched Life as We Know It. After, Sage and I stayed up until 5 planning our wedding:. yes. we do know who we are marrying. and it's gonna happen. Just WATCH. :)
Friday, i went to Harry Potter with Kaylee, Ryan, Alex, and Chris. baha! it was great:) It was also Mckinnley's Wedding day!! :) She's my second big sister that i've never had! Me and valentina went and helped out at the reception! The reception was amazing! Mckinnley and Aaron are the cutest couple:) i just love them! with aalll my heart!
The very next day, Saturday, Lindsay and I went swimming. Girl talk was much needed! We got icecream, then watched Mr. Bean the rest of the night. Aj, Houston, and Matt came over and said hi too. haha. oh. They make my day.
Then sunday always tops it off:) Going to church with Lindsay, being reverently obnoxious during sacrement. bahaha. we're hilarious. After church, I went to Lindsays. and "worked" on personal progress.. Yeah we talked the whole time. haha!:) I came home and ate dinner with the fam and played outside with Tyler and Ayden. Then we made milk shakes:)

I just am loving life. (Can YOU count how many smiley faces are in this one post?)
 Summer.... don't leave me.

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